Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday, Fifth Week of Easter 2020

In our Gospel today (Jn 15:1-8) we hear Jesus tell his disciples how his relationship with them and the Father are like that of a vine grower, vine, and branches.  In this metaphor Jesus tells us the Father is the vine grower, he is the vine, and his disciples are the branches.  While there is reference to the Father pruning so the branches are more fruitful, the main point of the Gospel is the connection between and reliance on the three.  

As branches on the vine without pruning, our fruit would be underwhelming.  As branches without the vine, we are simply dead wood, producing nothing but fuel for a fire.  It is when we remain attached to Jesus, and allow the Father to prune the dead wood (sin) in us that we produce much fruit!   Let's get growing!

In the peace of Christ,

Dcn. Mike

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