Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday, Fourth Week of Easter 2020

In our Gospel today (Jn 10:22-30) Jesus is tested, challenged regarding his Messianic identity.  The Jews that were around Jesus as he walked about the temple ask him to answer them directly, is he or is he not Christ, the anointed one, foretold by the prophets.  Jesus replies, saying he has told them, but they do not believe.  They don't believe because Jesus is not the Messiah they hoped he would be.  Jesus is not the powerful political figure, one who would be a future king along the lines of David, that they envisioned, that they desired.  Yet Jesus is king.  He is powerful, in otherworldly ways they do not see.  

How often do we fail to see Jesus for who he is?  How might we envision him in a certain way, maybe one dimensional, to fit our needs?  Do we see Jesus simply as merciful while overlooking he calls us to repent?  Let our faith open our eyes and minds to experience and follow Jesus for who he is, not who we make him out to be.

In the peace of Christ,

Dcn. Mike 


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