Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time 2020

In our Gospel today (Mt 5:38-42) Jesus takes laws from Leviticus (cf. Lv 24:20) that introduced the concept of just and equal punishment for an offense and tempers them even further. He tells his disciples that if they are struck, do not strike back, but turn the other cheek. If their tunic is taken, Jesus says to give your cloak as well. If asked to go a mile, go two miles. While these are physical examples, being slapped by the hand, or taking of property, we would do well to apply this principle of de-escalation today with what is said or written. How often in social media such as on Facebook or Twitter we see heated arguments posted, with one or the other trying to get in the last word. How much more pleasant those forums might be if more of us just turned the other cheek, let the other have the last word as if it were your cloak.

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