Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday - Fourth Week of Lent 2020

We do not hear from Jesus directly in our Gospel reading today (Jn 7:40-53), rather, we hear from those who have just listened to Jesus teaching during the seven days of the feast of Tabernacles, a great feast held in Jerusalem after the fall harvest. There is division among those who heard Jesus; some believe he is a prophet, others believe he is the Christ, while others want to arrest him. Our current state of Stay Home, Stay Safe has created a physical division among us, the mystical body of Christ. This division has left many of us feeling disoriented, maybe wondering how God allowed this to happen, or asking where is God in all of this. God remains with us as always. Jesus remains the living water for all who thirst, the Messiah who suffered, died, and rose again out of his infinite love for us. Our social distancing has not and will not change that.

In the peace of Christ,

Deacon Mike

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