Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Ready for Sunday

“Get ready for Sunday.”  The readings for the 33th Sunday in Ordinary Time are Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6, and the Gospel from Matthew 25:14-30.

The first reading this coming Sunday is a beautiful passage about the ideal wife.  The tasks performed by the wife have changed, at least for most parts of our country, but the expression of love it timeless.  In the second reading, St. Paul tells the Thessalonians a similar message to what we heard in the Gospel last week, about being ready for the coming of Jesus.  In his own way, Paul reminds the Thessalonians to live their lives such that they are always prepared for the Lord’s return.
The Gospel is the parable of the man who leaves his servants with various amounts of currency while he is away.  Upon his return he assesses what each of the three servants have done with the money, rewarding them or punishing them based what they did with the money that was entrusted to them.  It goes to a point I was trying to share in my “Teach a Man to Fish” post.  Like the man in the parable, God has given us, his servants, various talents.  We can put those talents to good use, generating a “return” that is seen favorably by God, or we can waste them and face the consequences later.


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